The Classic Beauty
with brains
The Most Prestigious
Pageant in the country
Our Country Ambassador
she represents whatever is Zimbabwean
The beauty of Zimbabwe
Zimbabwean in every aspect

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About Miss World Zimbabwe

most prestigious

Miss World Zimbabwe is the most prestigious of all pageants in the country.

embodies beauty with brains

Miss World Zimbabwe embodies beauty with brains and prove to be that, most of the pageant contesting engaged in post-high school studies.

world stage

Miss World Zimbabwe prides itself that its winning contestant will go on the world stage and compete, not only for the beauty honours but will also engage her fellow contestants intellectually.

an ambassador for the country

Miss World Zimbabwe is an ambassador for the country, that she represents whatever is Zimbabwean, be it political, artistic, economic, sporting or tourism related. Her beauty represents the beauty of Zimbabwe in every aspect that is Zimbabwean.